Special Guest: That’s Spanish For…

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Ryan takes a seat in the guest chair this week as he is one half of the musical duo That’s Spanish For. He and his bandmate Stefan have released an album entitled The Moo Moo Choo Choo. Ryan adds melodic guitar riffs to Stefan’s beautifully constructed electronic soundscapes. The album’s atmospheric soundscapes transport you to another world.

It’s a great honor to celebrate Ryan and Stefan’s radical album on this week’s episode of The Seoul Patch Podcast! Check out their website here: https://thatspanish.com/

You can find The Seoul Patch Podcast listed on Feedspot’s 25 Best South Korea Podcasts. Check it out here: https://blog.feedspot.com/south_korea_podcasts/

Intro/Outro Music: Eaters, song Tuck’s Love Party & I am not edible. (eatersmusic2000) 


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