The Great Kakao Meltdown of 2022

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This week, the guys talk about the fire at the server farm that put Kakao Talk out of commission for a few days. The guys talk about how that disruption affected them and how much they actually do depend on one app during their everyday lives. The guys also briefly discuss Korea’s bid to host of the 2036 Olympics. The guys will be well ensconced in their 50s and in Jack’s case almost 60s by the time that comes to fruition. Overall, it was a pretty slow news week in Korea, however, the boys tried their best to keep things poppin. Heeding advice from the old adage ‘quality, not quantity’, The Seoul Patch will be releasing episodes biweekly (or bimonthly, I’m never sure what these actually mean.) We’ll be bringing you the latest stories from the news and our lives on the Korean peninsula twice a month from now on. Catch you on the next Seoul Patch!

You can find The Seoul Patch Podcast listed on Feedspot’s 25 Best South Korea Podcasts. Check it out here:

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