42. The Seoul Patch Podcast featuring The K-Pop Sunbaes

In this week’s very special episode, the guys are joined by the K-Pop Sunbaes of The K-Pop Sundae Podcast. Whereas Jack, Kevin, and Ryan know little to none about K-Pop in general, the Sunbaes know a heck of a lot! And they were gracious enough to give the guys a crash course. We did a deep dive into first gen K-Pop, learning about H.O.T. and Seo Taiji and Boys. We also asked the three Sunbaes how they got into K-Pop in the first place. If you’re K-Pop curious or just want to dip your toes into the shallow end of the K-Pop swimming pool, this is the perfect podcast for you. It’s a great chat packed with loads of interesting facts, and a few laughs too!

Kevin’s Correction:
I (incorrectly) came to the conclusion during the episode that ‘ondol’ (온돌) meant ‘hot stone’ heating. I was correct with ‘on’ (온/溫) meaning ‘hot’, but I forgot that ‘dol’ (돌), while meaning ‘stone’, is native Korean, while the ‘stone’, ’on’(온/突) is Hanja meaning either ‘sudden’ or ‘protruding’, likely depending on context (and I’m far from a Hanja expert so really don’t know). Either way, I was incorrect in my initial assumption.

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