On The Money

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In this week’s episode of The Seoul Patch Podcast, Kevin drops some serious knowledge about the faces we see everyday on the bills we see every day on our cash bills yet have no idea who they are. Poor Ryan wrestles with a leaky faucet in his apartment and the resulting construction work that must ensue to put an end to the leak. And finally, Jack may be physically present but his brain is in another solar system as he fights off a cold most likely brought on by the ever present fine yellow dust which engulfs the nation every spring.

You can find The Seoul Patch Podcast listed on Feedspot’s 25 Best South Korea Podcasts. Check it out here: https://blog.feedspot.com/south_korea_podcasts/

Intro/Outro Music: Eaters, song Tuck’s Love Party & I am not edible. (eatersmusic2000) 


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